SOPA and PIPA: The Step to Censorship

There’s a reason this generation has been named the Information Generation. While our parent’s generation lived by the mantra of “Peace and Love,” adolescents and young adults of this age fight with their keyboards. They were born alongside technology and grew and developed with it. I proudly list myself among these Silicon Brethren. More powerful […]

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Time Spent

Well, I go back to Northland tomorrow. Wait. What!? Wow, the summer went by fast. I wasn’t able to find a job, but the Lord gave me many opportunities to meet up with friends, see family again, and altogether have a very restful summer. I also had plenty of time at home, and was finally […]

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Godspeed, Atlantis

Amidst the smoke still clearing from NASA’s final space shuttle launch, I’m seeing a lot of heartfelt support being rallied for the space program. There remains a large group of people fascinated with space exploration who wish the dream would stay alive and that America would remain dedicated to this wonderful adventure. I am one […]


Net Neutrality

I’ve noticed a lot of recent uproar in our American political system over the idea of “net neutrality.” Up until now, I was not aware that many other people knew what the concept meant. Now it seems that there is mounting tension in the Republican party over whether or not the FCC (or any other […]

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Newborn Moments

The dog days of summer are certainly turning out to be just that. I expected my blogging frequency to dwindle a bit during break due to a lack of eventful happenings, but I did not expect life to slow to a crawl.  Hopefully picking up on my poetry, reading the two books I’m in the […]

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Family and Inkblood

In two weeks, it will have been six months since the passing of my paternal grandfather, Tom Allen Sadler. This evening, my dad and I drove down to Grandpa’s house (where my aunt and cousin still live) to visit and for me to seek out any items of sentimental value that belonged to Grandma or […]


His Mercy Endureth Forever

Yesterday evening, I had a very pleasant time at prayer meeting. It was my first Wednesday back from college, and I was soothed to see the number of people who turned out that night. Timothy, my pastor’s son, only has this week with us until he goes to Canada for a friend’s wedding and then […]

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